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          • Rotherham Interchange

            2019. Rotherham Interchange - curtain walling and doors.

          • OUR PROJECTS

            BAE 2019

          • Asda - Harworth

            Asda Harworth - shop front works

          • Wren Kitchens - Ashton Under Lyne

            2018 Wren Kitchens - Ashton Under Lyne

          • Costa Coffee & Subway Crown Point, Leeds

            Costa Coffee & Subway - shopfront entrances

          • McDONALDS

            HB Aluminium have carried out over 20 new extensions on various McDonalds in this year.

          • Heron Foods - Hull

            Entrance works to Heron Foods, Hull

          • Waitrose - Jesmond

          • Flint Mill - Wetherby

            A museum built for the late Jimmy Heseltine to store his vintage cars in his own grounds on the outskirts of Wetherby.

          • Browns Sheffield & Harrogate

            One of 2 shopfronts fabricated for Simon Brown on a quick turn around.

          • Bradford Grammar School

            Aluminuim School entrance, built in keeping with the overall schools heritage

          • Dock Street - Leeds

            Dock Street - Leeds

          • Easingwold

            Easingwold Curtain walling

          • Helidon Lakes

            Helidon Lakes

          • L'oreal Offices

            L'oreal Offices

          • Otley Court Houses

          • Paragon

            Paragon Wakefield  

          • Pizza Hut

            Pizza Hut Shop Fabrication

          • Tolent


          • Ventura Leeds

            Ventura Leeds

          • B&Q Hull

            Shop frontage and large Aluminium substraint and glazing