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          Our Factory and Fleet

          Our Factory and Fleet

          We directly employ all our own fabricators and site fixing teams, all of which are fully trained and accredited by Kawneer themselves for fabrication and installation of Kawneer aluminium windows, patios, doors and curtainwalling systems.

          We have been located on the outskirts of Leeds city centre since our establishment was started over 40 years ago. On the site of a former train engine works (Fowlers). We are lucky to have a close knit, dedicated workforce, some of whom have been with us since leaving school - a testiment to the family oriented atmosphere that still prevails today.                                                  

          Over the years, facilities have been improved and new machinery added resulting in a factory well equipped to fabricate aluminium windows and doors to the highest standard.

          Our fixing teams are all directly employed by HB Aluminium - and we have managed to accrue a team of foremen and fixers with a wealth of experience and knowledge and equipped them with the right training and tools to ensure efficient and quality site installations.

          HB Aluminium believe that having our own fabricators and fixers means that we can offer a premium service to our clients - having full control of the fabrication and site installation process means we can react better to clients instructions and site issues.